What is haptic technology?

‘’Enter the Duat’’ will use new haptic feedback technology for its VR experience developed by The Phenomena. Haptic sensors allow for the creation of computer-controlled tactile stimuli, typically in the form of vibration. Haptics are often referred to as the next frontier of VR technology, bringing our sense of touch into the virtual world.

How does it work?

By using external devices specially developed Gloves, Shoes, and Joysticks, users can receive feedback  with physical sensations in their hand or other parts of the body. Haptic devices offer an extra dimension to VR or a 3D environment and is essential to the feeling of true immersion. 

Treadmill technology

This proprietary technology, which combines both hardware and software implementations, makes the treadmill aware of the user’s posture, position, state of balance, as well as his future intent allowing first-time users to immediately feel comfortable on the K-01 pod. . With this information, the treadmill will always move at the right moment, significantly reducing any physiological symptoms such as loss of balance and nausea induced by the locomotion.

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Using your hands like magic

Player can cast a light upon specific items to interact with them and can be acquired at the beginning of the game in the Sun Altar. The player will have to raise there hands to activate the skill.